Tuesday, December 21, 2010

shit. it's almost 2011?

so many good intentions, so many non-posts....

just today I had the good mind to actually do some writing and work on that for a while. Not concerned about an audience (if you're actually reading this - thanks! I apologize for this not being audience-driven, cuz I don't know who you would be...haha)

I have compiled an obligatory (because it's what my mind just does and I am inevitably influenced by the pop culture LIST obsessions that surround me) year-end list of music that made a big impression on me, things I just love/d this year, 2010....

here is that list, in no particular order:

"Cameras" Sidewalks - Matt & Kim
Still loving this song, never sick of it (yet) when I hear it on
the radio. The dancey riddem and shoulder/boob-shake-worthy beat drives the whole thing - 80s revival, all the way. But my fave bit is that killer melody line, in the chorus, that grabbed me in the first place. The, "no time for cameras, we'll use our eyes instead ... we'll be gone when we're dead.. I see flashes of go-oh-oh-ld.." oh yeah, *golden* pop!

"O.N.E." Odd Blood - Yeasayer
Gawd, talk about your 80s, New Order revival to the max. Still loving this one, too.
"It's hard having fun/it's much easier said than it's da-hone" - how can you not love the acknowledgement of the ol' Crazy Heart mentality ("If there's such a thing as too much fun/This must be the price to pay/Funny how fallin' feels like flyin'/Only for a little while") in a popped-out, dance, electro, tribal beat number? That "you don't move me anymo-a-hoor/And I'm glad you that you don't" bit is pure ode-to-New Order for me, which is why I placed it right after "Bizarre Love Triangle" on ye olde Wedding Dance Mix. This song got one of the best responses, joy-fueled dance-wise at the par-tay...and this was one of my ultimate highlights/memories from Lollapalooza, too. Double-percussion dance party in the park!!

"Shark in the Water" Traveling Like the Light - V.V. Brown
This was a Bust (mag) discovery, at first for me. I was blown away by her look (see image above and note 9 foot gams) and her roots (She’s a Brit and of is Puerto Rican and Jamaican descent she’s a genius, and ended up declining offers from top universities (including Oxford. yeah.) to follow her musical heart. Love that.) Then I finally heard her on the radio, and got totally hooked by this hook. The rest of the album is great, too.

"Fuck You," The Lady Killer - Cee Lo Green
Almost as brilliant as "Crazy"? Yeah, I kinda think maybe it is. I am *in love* with this song and the humor, the spite and catchy groove. Add the sentiment for these hard times, "I guess the change in my pocket wasn't enough/Now, ain't that some shit?" Ain't that some shit? The video is also amazing. (See previous post, above)

"Detroit Detroit," Keep it To Yourself - Erik Koskinen
Another perfect anthem to suit us all and address that current, somewhat bleak state of American life. A rollicking, country bar rally cry to go out, "take your money" to the Motor City and party like there's no tomorrow, cuz that might just be true. Bleeding jobs, homes lost, bleak outlook in Detroit, you say? Fuck it. Let's rock this city.

"American Slang," - Gaslight Anthem ...see more...(June post)

"Wait So Long," Palomino - Trampled by Turtles
Finally, TBT get the production they deserve. Oh, and the exposure! Perfect album for it, too. Shows off the best of what the boys can do.