Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the stuff of legends

I feel like this has been an amazing season of music for me and Fitzy. We have been more determined than ever to see as much as we can -- grasping life by the balls, man! hehe. Specifically, we have seen some downright *legends* when it comes to pop culture/music...

saw Bruce in May

saw The Dead in May

saw X in June

saw Elvis Costello in July

gonna see LOU muthafuckin REED in August (my first time!)
((I feel like I'm finally ready to see Reed...I think I appreciate him more than I ever had before AND I had just re-read all those wonderfully fucked up meetings he'd had with Lester Bangs. Quite a history those two had...))

...and I get to see my beloved Arctic Monkeys (soon to be considered legends, of course...) in both August (on my birthday!?!?! what!?!? yes.) at the Metro AND at Lolla! AND in September when they come to First Ave. how cool is that? wonder if Mr. Costello will make another appearance and come to MPLS to see the lads again...that would be incredible.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

MCA - get better quick!

So, MCA from the Beasties has cancer. (check out their website -- MCA and AdRock have a lil' video message up).

So....they're cancelling their slot at Lolla....

the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are replacing them.

this could be interesting...

Here's hopin for a successful surgery for MCA...love to you, man.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

right now....

REALLY diggin the Green Day epic....I was dubious at first, too. but it's really powerful, catchy, angsty and articulate. Billie Joe keeps evolving -- kinda makes me think of Strummer, even. Like The Great Joe, as he becomes more in tune with what makes him angry ("anger can be power - did you know that you can use it?") Billie Joe seems to be taking that sentiment and fusing it (brilliantly) with his trademark powerfully poppy punk rock that can reach the masses (in a totally anthemic, fill the bleachers-way, to boot!). The great, ol' make 'em think whilst you make 'em dance/pogo/thrust-fist-in-air trick. Love it, and always will.

Also just recently read the RS interview with Green Day -- (and BJ is just as real and as great and as focused as I hoped he'd be) and he's all bout the East Bay still (reminded me of the manner in which Bruce still resides in Jersey). And Billie says that "A Quick One While He's Away," one of my all time fave Who masterpieces (the mini-rock-opera that never became the full epic that Pete had intended) is one of HIS all-time fave, influential pieces of music. I am listening to Green Day's version they recorded right this very moment and it is making me very happy. A total homage to Pete and the boys. 21st Century Breakdown, a three act, sprawling narrative about the characters *Gloria* (yeah, wtf. so damn cool for me) and Christian does the spirit of the Clash, the Who, Patti Smith and all the passionate punks proud.

Check your prejudices at the door and check this shit out.
21st century breakdown cover
This is my fave.

East Jesus Nowhere

Raise your hands now to testify
Your confession will be crucified
You're a sacrificial suicide
Like a dog that's been sodomized
Stand up! - All the white boys
Sit down! - All the black girls
You're the soldiers of the new world

Put your faith in a miracle
And it's non-denominational
Join the choir we will be singing
In the church of wishful thinking

A fire burns today
Of blasphemy and genocide
The sirens of decay
Will infiltrate the faith fanatics

Oh bless me lord for I have sinned
It's been a lifetime since I last confessed
I threw my crutches in
The river of a shadow of doubt
And I'll be dressed in my Sunday best

Say a prayer for the family
Drop a coin for humanity
Ain't this uniform so flattering?
I never asked you a goddamned thing

A fire burns today
Of blasphemy and genocide
The sirens of decay
Will infiltrate the faith fanatics

Don't test me
Second guess me
Protest me
You will disappear

I want to know who's allowed to breed
All the dogs who never learned to read
Missionary politicians
And the cops of a new religion

A fire burns today
Of blasphemy and genocide
The sirens of decay
Will infiltrate the inside