Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the stuff of legends

I feel like this has been an amazing season of music for me and Fitzy. We have been more determined than ever to see as much as we can -- grasping life by the balls, man! hehe. Specifically, we have seen some downright *legends* when it comes to pop culture/music...

saw Bruce in May

saw The Dead in May

saw X in June

saw Elvis Costello in July

gonna see LOU muthafuckin REED in August (my first time!)
((I feel like I'm finally ready to see Reed...I think I appreciate him more than I ever had before AND I had just re-read all those wonderfully fucked up meetings he'd had with Lester Bangs. Quite a history those two had...))

...and I get to see my beloved Arctic Monkeys (soon to be considered legends, of course...) in both August (on my birthday!?!?! what!?!? yes.) at the Metro AND at Lolla! AND in September when they come to First Ave. how cool is that? wonder if Mr. Costello will make another appearance and come to MPLS to see the lads again...that would be incredible.

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