Monday, July 30, 2007

Tom Snyder is dead...that's too bad, but tv journalism is better without him

take one of the most disagreeable interviewees of all time (Mr. Rotten/Lydon) and put him in front of one of the most arrogant, smarmy tv interviewers of all time and you get this, which will live in infamy:

I remember, growing up, watching Tom Snyder (my dad liked him...?) and wondering, at quite a young age, how the fuck did this guy get on tv? He sucks! Every time someone I cared about was sitting across from him (granted, it was usually someone in music or film) it was painfully evident that Mr. Snyder did not do his homework and had not a clue as to what his guest was all about. (Painfully and hilariously evident above, of course).

I soon discovered Charlie Rose and fell in love. (so charming, smart, and a such a major homework-doer.) He restored my faith in intelligent tv journalism.

They way the obits are telling it today, Snyder was a "pioneer"...I thought he was a real-life Ted Baxter who cared more to hear his own blustery voice (and opinions) than anyone else's. I guess I'm just too young and ignorant not to appreciate him...ah, well.

G'night, Mr. Snyder.


AngryMan said...

Snyder only liked having certain characters on. He didn't like people that he had to have on because he was told to do so. When he got to choose the guests, he was pretty good. But, that's no general excuse for laziness. Charlie Rose is much better.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Rose was great as host of the late night cbs show way back. Now when I watch him I can't get past his habit of interupting his guest, he will ask a question, then as the guest begins to answer Rose will interrupt and re-ask the same question in a slightly different way, as if he loves to hear himself talk.

Jessica said...

I like Tom Snyder ... I don't think he was lazy -- he was the exact opposite of Jay Leno (pandering and sickeningly over-congratulatory), which resulted in extraordinary interviews with stars who didn't want to be treated any other way. TV is worse off without him, imho. just ma' two cents.