Thursday, August 16, 2007

things that make you "cry like a little bitch, man"

Why do we do it to ourselves? Why do we like it?

Why do chicks like movies that make 'em cry? And why do some of us (me, for example) cry at certain songs every time we hear them?

I had this article from the Science Times saved forever (it used to reside on my fridge) and the question posed dealt with the pure emotion that afflicts us when we hear certain music--whether it's joy, goose bumps or even tears. The response said that there had been studies done to see how the brain reacts to certain pieces of music (plug those key words into Google and you'll see loads of studies that have been conducted). Basically, there is still lots up in the air and fodder for debate (culture vs. biology being the main thing).

But, there ain't no doubt about it: certain songs do crazy things to my emotions, and that's why it gets me awf so much. That's why I'm obsessed--I can use it like a drug to change my emotional state...and of course, it's better than drugs, there's no side effects.

Well, unless you consider welling up with tears whist walking down the street. That's what just happened to me, cuz I made the silly (awesome?) choice to hear a sure-fire tearjerker: Joe Strummer's version of "Redemption Song." Mutherfucker. I had to switch it to the goddamn Misfits just so I could get tough again and continue to walk down the street!

It’s almost like I try again, each time, to see if I can *not* cry. But I always fail. And with “Redemption Song,” it’s incredibly specific for me. I realize that I start to get overwhelmed at the exact same line each and every time: “How long shall they kill our prophets/While we stand aside and look?” sheesh—I’m getting fucking goose bumps just writing the damn thing.

I immediately thought about Chuck Klosterman's essay on the huge L.A.-based, chiefly male, Latino fan base of Morrissey. He opens with a description of a hulking, handsome straight (!) Mexican-American dude that says sometimes he likes to listen to a Morrissey record alone, in his room and cry. He says, "I'm serious. I sit there and I cry like a little bitch, man."

Guess that's exactly what we need to do sometimes, man.

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