Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In Austin

I am about to embark on one of the most anticipated musical journeys of my 26 years of live music living/loving.

On to Austin! For a hodge podge of amazing bands meeting in the most scary state in the union! Sorry--but it is! Fucking scary! I'm such a sheltered Midwestern Girl, when it comes down to it...absolutely terrified of the South, the unknown down there...Hell, you-know-who might be from Texas, but Molly Ivins was from fucking *Austin*, yo! (R.I.P., you rascal.)

I am excited to check it out. I want to explore the city in a major way. We're even going a few days ahead of time and staying longer to enjoy the city (dude, it's the "live music capital of the world." this is awesome.) My friend Tara told me to expect hipsters, of course, but emphasized that they're "Texas hipsters" and told me some of what to expect of Texas and it's "swagger." Gulp.

here's that helluva line-up once again
and here's what I'm positively jumping up and down for:

Bob Dylan
The White Stripes!
The Killers
Bloc Party!
Arctic (fucking) Monkeys!
Regina Spektor
Amy Winehouse (I think she's officially can canceled now ...but you never know with Wino!)
Kaiser Chiefs

Hope to scribble notes to put together a semblance of a blog at a later date...damn, that sounded pathetic. Well, lemme put it this way: I'll be having WAY too much fun under the Texas sun, ears filled with music, to be writing...probably. That, and no internet access.


To quote Mario...Here we gooooooh!

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Jessica said...

write about austin! write about austin! enquiring minds want to know!