Thursday, February 07, 2008

the Repubs would *LOVE* to have Hil be the nom!

you know that, right? They're hoping and praying to sweet Jeebus that she gets it. Why? Because they know that there are people (sometimes ignorant, sometimes bitter people...mostly) out there who shudder at the tone of her voice and at the sight of her face. It brings up bad memories for some. Others say "She's just not made for public leadership. It's very unnatural for her." People that are just going to give up and *not* vote for the DFL, cuz it's her. Of course, not me. But I have heard the statements made and I partly understand. There is so much baggage, so much of her persona has been (unjustly, for the most part) maligned to represent a blind ambition for power (like her hubby) that excludes genuine concern for public service. She is fiercely polarizing, and again, the Repubs are just waiting to trounce her in the General.

Read this for mo better about it.

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