Friday, November 14, 2008

still struggling to find better and more words....but here's a beginning...

I have been in a perpetual state of amazement and happiness in the past week and half. Sure, part of it is being in love, but the most obvious (and shared) feeling of euphoria has come after learning that Barack Obama is our next *president*.

I now can completely identify with Michelle Obama's remarks when she said, "For the first time in my adult life I am *REALLY* proud of my country." Fucking a right. We did it. It happened. The world is a different place--that cannot be emphasized enough.

This is what we need, people. Realistic hope in a new beginning with a new leader who is a *smart*, skilled communicator. Those are actually the two most exciting things for me.

It has been WAY too long--I haven't written in a long while. It feels so damn good. We were on this extremely .... demanding (?) schedule before and after the election. Events surrounding and involving the historical election.

Most notably....BOB DYLAN at Northrop! To hear the old man play "Blowin' In the Wind" -- after just learning (with a room full of excited liberals, Dylanolgists, hippies, smartie-pants, students, et. al.) that Barack Obama was, indeed, our new prez was a level of overwhelming joy and amazement that is extremely hard to put into words. Maybe that's why I had been so shy to write about it. The heaviness (nothing to do with gravity, Marty, but the future is now) of the moment just caused me to sob with tears of joy. It was such a relief. Such a sense of *our* moment--anyone that wants positivity and peace to overcome negativity and war. Anyone that wants to try to strive to be better -- a "more perfect union" -- a more tolerant, progressive America.

It was for all of us. We're unstoppable, now. If that was possible...anything really is.

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