Friday, August 19, 2005


"It sounds like a po-mo ABBA. I imagine the group consisting of identical-looking Natashas, y'know, from 'Boris and Natasha.' Bored-looking," Cate commenting on The Capricorns' "New Sound." "Like a Robert Palmer video?" I suggest. "Yes, " says Cate.

In other news:
1. I am finally reading "High Fidelity."
2. It is, obviously, becoming one of my favorite books ever.
3. I am simultaneously concerned and fascinated with the fact that I identify with angsty grumpy male protagonists ALL THE TIME. (Denis Leary's Tommy Gavin, Holden Caulfield, Jack Kerouac/Sal Paradise, Chuck Klosterman, etc. etc.)
4. I am touched by how much Nick Hornby adores Bruce Springsteen.
5. I will continue to believe (until proven wrong) in the shallow theory that: "what really matters is what you like, not what you are like."

My favorite line so far: "I want to be a well-rounded human being with none of those knotty lumps of rage and guilt and self-disgust." And then he talks about how he'd just like his life to be more like a Bruce Springsteen song. Exactly.

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Phil said...

you should feel SHAME for not having read that book before. seriously though, what took so long?

about the line you picked: it is those knotty lumps of rage and guilt and self-disgust that make us human. to cliche: to err is human.

I can't believe the what you like thoery, my parents were opposites and I've never heard of a relationship like theirs.

I love you for quoting an exchange with cate. i want more

hope life is well, and am I seriously going to become one of your blog readers? what the hell?