Sunday, April 23, 2006

"Let's Impeach The President" and "We Shall Overcome"

"Let's Impeach the President," can't get more direct than that. It's the name of the already publicized song (the one where he has a choir of 100 people behind him) off of Neil Young's new anti-war record. I am so fucking excited for it to come out. He's rushing it--my dad can't get over how much it feels like when "Ohio" was rushed as a single.

This is a random gem. It's an impromptu interview outside of Capitol records with Neil. I have *never* heard him more lucid, focused and articulate before. I mean, he's a super bright man, but I think he's usually pretty stoned in interviews (then again, that really could be his medication for his epilepsy--I know this from Erica...). Here, he's really impassioned, but calm. He discusses (the interviewer--a stereo typical HotChickTalkingHead surprises you and is a very solid interviewer) how strongly he feels about Bush and the "war we're living with," is how he puts it, I think. It feels really inspiring. Check out the great little dig (with a smile!) from Showbiz what-ever-the-fuck Dude says at the end! It's golden.

My other hero comes out (today!) with his anti-war sentiment. Bruce Springsteen made his first-ever album of covers, "We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions." And dig this great lil' line I caught while pursuing E.W.:

"On his latest album, Bruce Springsteen taps back into what he does best: making music that's as grand and mythopoetic as the country itself."

Good 'un, E-Dub!

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Tony said...

Ike Reilly rules.