Thursday, April 06, 2006

Spike Lee still matters and Jodie Foster's legs should be worshipped in a temple of hot

Lucky enough to see "Inside Man" (for free) last night. What a wonderful popcorn flick--I really should say SpikeLeeJoint...!

The way the film opens-- a gorgeous quick tour of New York City proper, done Lee-style, is pure pornography (for those of us who adore NYC, that is). Think more realistic, modern version of that spectacle of an opening of Woody's "Manhattan," with a great, haunting Bollywood song (!?), "Chaiyya Chaiyya" playing behind it instead of Gershwin.

The film has touches of film noir and even a little Hitchcock--brilliant, lovable criminal (the hot, hot Clive Owen. Man, Cynthia was so right about his hotness--he simply smolders on the screen). The cast is just phenomenal. Jodie Foster is this great, unexpected ice queen presence. And, let me tell you something about Ms. Foster's gams: they are exceptionally
toothsome, like I want to touch them. They are perfectly toned, atop high stiletto heels, tanned, shiny and oh-so-smooth. Humina. Lee seems to want you to look at them, and who can blame him? The picture above is the closest I could find that shows them off at all...At least you get a peek.

Oh, and then there's Denzel. *He's* not attractive or an amazing actor or anything. Psssh. He is this beacon of justice, realism, hotness and get this: there is this one scene, in its context, where his character totally evoked Atticus Finch. I know, I know--major weight there, but I felt it.

The film is thrilling, funny, clever, surprising and something I really, really want to see again, already. It contains these total clusterfuck moments, where Lee uses paranoia, racism, and distrust to slap you in the face.

Sure, it might be kinda mainstream-y (it's slick and pretty, but still gritty) at times, but Lee's voice is so still *there*. There are themes that echo the distrust of authority and addresses the ever-present issue of "cover up" in affluent/governing level of society.

Some ass character in the movie actually calls Foster's character a "magnificent cunt." How does that taste wih your Junior Mints?

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