Friday, July 28, 2006

one must remember...

...that I was born the very same week that MTV was... Their b-day was Aug. 1st, 1981 and mine was the 8th.

For better or worse...I think it explains plenty.

I have had the pleasure/torture of watching cable at my pa's crib for the past two days. I was knocked on my ass by the muthafuckin' flu. Good lord do I hate this illness. This one in particular. All delirious and shit. Ugh.

inevitably, I *always* think of the same thing when I get to that crazy-state: Neil Young with his fever/delirium writing the masterpieces "Cowgirl In The Sand" and "Down By The River." And, inevitably I think/bemoan: why can't *I* do something creative? All I can muster is propping myself up to watch trashy VH1 shows.

The one very cool thing: in honor of the 25th Anniversary of MTV and Brianna,VH1 Classic played the first hour that ever aired; the first video ever? you know it: the Buggles, "Video Killed The Radio Star."

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