Wednesday, July 05, 2006

this is my brain

In a Rolling Stone interview, Cameron Crowe talked about how he still has music mixes he made (for himself, naturally) from 30 years ago....he used to make one per week.

(boy, I'd sure like to get my ears on some of those...)

I have been kinda doing the same thing...I'm not that...good. But, I try to regularly compile a mix of sorts, for myself, on my iPod that will last me about a week or two. It feels journalistic and clearly shows where my brain is at, at those particular periods of time. Looking back at ones I made in the winter and comparing them to now is surreal. I sometimes burn a disc of one that sticks with me and I slap on the date with a title and keep it.

It helps put things in perspective, writing and reading both do for me...and, it really helps in those moments when I question my sanity...(when it comes to my obsessive feelings and impulses about music, that is)...I wonder: do *other* people constantly have songs running through their head, in silence or cconverations with others? do *other* people get as fixated over a lyric for days at a time? or get all crazy-tingle-town-through-the-bod when they hear a riff they've heard a hundred times before?


then I stop my swirrrling thoughts and I think about how virtually everyone listens to *some* music everyday. and how, even "normal" people I know listen to the same song or album over and over again...well, maybe not anyone "normal"...what the fuck is normal, again? remind me.

here's the latest.

1. To Be Young (Is to Be Sad, Is to Be High) 3:04 Ryan Adams Heartbreaker
2. Time Of Your Song 4:29 Matisyahu Youth
3. This Is The One 4:59 The Stone Roses The Stone Roses [UK]
4. There She Goes 2:42 The La's The La's 2
5. The Patriot Game 4:17 The Dubliners Uncut - Tracks That Influenced Bob Dylan
6. The Needle Has Landed 3:45 Neko Case Fox Confessor Brings The Flood
7. Sweet Black Angel 2:58 The Rolling Stones Exile On Main Street
8. Regulate 4:08 Warren G and Nate Dogg Regulate...G Funk Era 3
9. Reason To Believe 4:10 Bruce Springsteen Nebraska
10. Space And Time 5:36 The Verve Urban Hymns
11. Love Spreads 5:46 The Stone Roses Second Coming
12. La Isla Bonita 3:47 Madonna The Immaculate Collection
13. In Your Eyes 5:23 Peter Gabriel So
14. Hold On, Hold On 2:46 Neko Case Fox Confessor Brings The Flood
15. Hey Hey What Can I Do 3:56 Led Zeppelin Coda
16. From Here to Eternity 3:15 The Only Ones Special View
17. Everyday 2:10 Buddy Holly & The Crickets From The Original Master Tapes

notice the LACK of the Clash, ladies and gents....?

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