Sunday, January 28, 2007

and I am telling you

FINALLY saw "Dreamgirls" today and it did me right. Beyonce is a stunner, people are giving her shit, but the casting is spot on (there are times when she looks and sounds a helluva lot like Miss Diana--albeit much more beautiful and talented).

And Jennifer Hudson NAILS it. She really deserves the awards and the praise because she has the talent and she is a fucking *natural* (American Idol "reject"!?) She is sassy, magnetic and spectacular on the big screen and she brings the goods: singing the powerhouse "And I Am Telling You" she gave me chills and made me (and my papa) blubber like lil' babes. Whew. Hard shoes to fill...Jennifer Holiday's legendary performance of it (if you have 6 minutes, it's worth looking up on YouTube) is usually thought to be untouchable, but Hudson makes it her own and *delivers*. I never knew the story of "Dreamgirls" (very close to the real story of the Supremes) and seeing the Jennifer number in its context-- a crazy mix of desperation and assertion of strength and control-- really made it that much more powerful and affecting. That is some heavy, raw, emotive shit for the big screen...I am telling you.


Anonymous said...

yay! thanks for the new post ... j-mo

Alexa said...

I couldn't stop crying during her moment.