Tuesday, January 23, 2007

hottest PRESIDENT ever

“24” has its hooks in me. Thanks to Fitzy’s love for it, he is primarily responsible for getting me into this season. That, and the evil/wonderful DVR he has at his place. It’s no wonder such popular and critical sensation! It’s riveting, unpredictable, and frighteningly real (in the sense of what *could* happen…someday).

Politically, it’s a doozey, too. It’s on Fox, and of course the monitors in the background of CTU are switched on Fox news—which we see exploiting images of bloody victims of acts of terror. (imagine what Fox news would do if the 9/11 horrors parlayed into nuclear bombs exploding in Los Angeles. That’s right—see as the mushroom cloud blossoms in the fucking Valley.)

I’m tot addicted and I have a feeling I am going to become a loyal watcher from now on. This shit excites! It’s so well executed and the concept makes it feel like a 24-hour FILM, not a television show.

Oh, and Wayne Palmer (actor DB Woodside plays it perfectly, with gravitas that our Dubya couldn’t muster in his dreams) has a mighty *desirable* presence. And there's a total RFK vibe, too. Very inspiring. Very sexy man. It works for me.

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