Monday, February 12, 2007

The Emerald City

Yes, fair readers-I'm ditchin' the winter-dead MPLS and heading to wet and warm(er) Seattle, land of Hendrix, Heart and Citizen Dick, er-I mean "Singles." Also, new home to the Great Exodus of the Midwest: several of my good friends (from MN) are now living there and loving it. This will be my first time seeing the joint, including Paul's Tacoma, and we're staying for 9 days, so it should be a pretty good intro.

I am giddy with excitement over spending such a big ol' chunk of time with Fitzy, seeing E-Beth, Paul, Sarah and Emily. I also can't hardly wait to feel rainy, 50-degree air on my skin (fantasize that it's spring) and bum around (what sounds like) a great walking city. There will be music adventures and more...

Don't know if I'll have time or access to blog (ugh, I hate using that as a verb. sorry.) but I am going to try. For realz.
See yooz on the flip side.

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