Thursday, May 17, 2007

I moved

so, other things have taken priority over setting up my poor, neglected computer in the new place.

Sad, huh?

Paul sent me this link to Kate Sullivan's...words (?) on the White Stripes' new one, "Icky Thump," and I just don't fucking get it, really. I kinda dig the idea of what she's trying to say...but it just don't jive with me.

This is the argument made:

It’s a strange thing, but as visceral and gritty as their sound may be, the essence of this band is located between Jack White’s ears. In fact, they are so cerebral, they need those primitive sonics to prevent them from becoming a pure concept band. In this sense, the White Stripes aren’t Led Zeppelin; they’re the Velvet Underground: an art project in the form of a rock band.

I totally dig what she's on about...but to compare the White Stripes sound in any way to the Velvet Underground is just....strange.

Sure, Jack White is a strange bird who loves the ideas of art and fucking with journalists and dressing in a calculated fashion. But when it comes to the music, they are furthest thing from art rock you can find. They are the blues, for crying out loud. Simple, gritty, raw, wild and primitive. To me, you might as well say that Jimi Hendrix was doing an art thang....Art is too cold, too un-rock'n'roll to be *in* rock'n'roll and that's why it's always bothered me.

So, when the White Stripes put out a fantastic blues-based rock record named "De Stijl" after a Dutch art movement (kajshgahg) it still makes me roll my eyes a bit, but I don't care. That record fucking rocks and for as much as I dig, actually love, Lou Reed and *appreciate* the Velvet *rarely* rocks. Y'know, shivers yer timbers. That kinda thing.

in the always comes down to:

Fuck art. Let's Dance.

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