Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"let FURY have the hour, anger can be power...did you know that you can use it?"

Unfortunately, my anger has not been very useful lately.

Can't even put my finger on where it's all comin' from...(and really can't get into it for those who read this...cuz, remember this is about the shit that I'm *into*, not the shit that brings me down.)

Wish I could be like Strummer and *use* it...but I haven't.

Things are looking up, though... there is so much to be excited for! Like...

*it's totally fucking summer and it actually feels like it! well...sometimes

*...and that means FESTIVAL season, mis amigos! can't hardly wait... Lolla, you're calling my name--but you are the furthest away...almost at the *end* of summer! ah, but there's so much more to look forward to until then!

*The Strummer movie is coming out (dunno when actually...)! Just read a fantastic write-up in this week's NME and next week's issue is all about the muthafuckin' Clash. wordemup.

*White Stripes and the phenomenon of "Icky Thump" is ubiquitous! Interviews in the NME and Entertainment Weekly are oh-so-fun for me to read. See what argument Jack picks with the interviewer! What questions will he refuse to answer? Watch as his cigarette-free fingers fiddle about! How will Meg dazzle (or bore) the interviewer with her quiet charm?

*Johnny Depp and Keef are holding each other's skull-ringed hands and arms on the cover of Rolling Stone (as you can plainly see above) *sigh*

* THREE DAY WEEKEND is approaching! and I'm not following the rest of the lemmings off the cliff of road-trip-insanity! I am staying in the city and just chiiiiiiilin'. Should be golden.

>>and now, to acknowledge a lil' sadness of today, the 22nd. the fucking BRMC are in town, and once again, I will not be seeing them. [see entry from more than a year ago about E Beth and me attempting to see them and the whole thing going down like an Arctic Monkeys song, with all the "smirking faces and the boys in black" watching us walk away, rejayed. boo-hoo] But, hey, it's cool, man. For as much as I totally dig "Baby 81" (totally named after *me*, y'know...born in '81 and all...) I can stand not to see 'em. I guess...whateves. I will always let the magical Coachella experience shine on in my memory....>>

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