Thursday, May 22, 2008

to all you haters,

I completely, whole-heartedly, know why you hate American Idol. I really questioned my choice to watch it this year, too.

But, since my friends got a get-together a'goin' (with MEALS!) it makes it more fun to sit through the shit.

And now, IT'S OVER!

and although I couldn't give a rat's ass about which fucking David won (they are both LAME) last night's finale actually threw me a bone. A smokin' hot, sexy, powerful TALENTED piece of musical MEAT, really...

My two faves from this season, doin' a *classic* that I've always loved (the Alex Chilton version and the Joe Cocker version, which they do the latter of.) Missed them. They shoulda been in the final two. Watch the Hot Aussie, Michael Johns and the Sexy Irish, Carly Smithson sing blue-eyed soul with actual *passion* (totally lacking in the season after they left--WAY too early!)

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