Tuesday, January 27, 2009


*This morning I flipped on the Current (it was before 6:30 am, I know this) and I was dog tired. My spirits were immediately lifted with the sound of the Faces doing a (live?) version of "Maggie May" I had never heard before. It was awesome. THEN Seel busts out the most riff-laden, rocker Ryan Adams tune of late, "Magick."

*I still feel a giddy burst of joy when I hear ANYboday say the words PRESIDENT Barack Obama.

*Shuffle brought me some Chris Isaak today and listening to him always makes me think of the following things:

-moderate, fake, guilt-pleasure in even liking him.

-thoughts of Twin Peaks (he was in "Fire Walk With Me" and Audrey. Rarrrrr.

-the video for "Wicked Game" which was easily the most erotic thing I had ever seen at a very young age. (So, in turn, hearing that song makes me think of a nekked Helena Christensen

-I used to think he was kinda sleazy and not very good lookin', now, in my older age, I think he's kinda UglySexy.

-and he will always, unavoidably, every time, make me miss and love Roy Orbison.

*Have you heard of Glasvegas? I hadn't until recently. I heard comparisons and refs to Bruce Springsteen, the Jesus and Mary Chain and Phil Spector, so I had to check 'em out. I am still really undecided on them. My shuffle helped me today. I heard "Daddy's Gone" and then "Richard" by Billy Bragg, and it made more sense to me. Gawd, I wanna be a DJ.

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