Friday, October 14, 2005

sounds like a snack, or a nick name

I'm on the bus and I look down at the back of my left hand, where I frequently write things to remind me to do something, write something, call someone. This morning (it's about 6:26 am, pitch black and I'm listening to the Clash) I see the word "tits" scribbled there.

I started laughing silently; shaking.

I ate dinner with my ma last night and she had just gotten back from a business trip in D.C. and she says, "So, yeah, Washington D.C. is tits, man."


Really, this isn't all *that* weird, considering my mother is the person who introduced me to the phrases, "fuckface," "fuckin' a," etc, etc. But, nonetheless, I freaked out, laughing, exclaiming, "what!???!" I have not heard this expression before and my 51-year-old mother is using it. Am I really that out of it? She used it like peeps used to use it when they cheesily said, "That's money," in that Swingers-universe we used to live in...mmmm Vince Vaughn....*sigh*

ANYWAY. I've decided that I like it! Dunno if I can really transition that into my daily vernacular, but hell, it's pretty funny cuz it makes me think of the Carlin bit again ("and now, new CheeseTits!")

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Phil said...

A couple nights ago for coffee hour we played the "if you could sleep with one celeb" game. One of my roomates, the blonde airhead one, said Vince Vaughn.

not you too...or is it madonna? bruce?