Wednesday, October 12, 2005

You Gotta Keep ‘em Separated

In response to Phil’s comment, er, uh, the Mos Def quote, about Woody Allen: I am so sick of people our age giving up on Woody’s films just because of his sick personal life. MJ is not in jail, even though he probably did molest many kids. But how could I EVER stop loving “Thriller” or any of his golden years of entertainment? His personal life and criminal behavior will never erase the love I have for his art! Same goes for Woody Allen.

Separate the art from the artist, blah, blah (I think there is truth in that, though) See: Jimmy Page, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, et al. (they liked the underage chickies—in a really unhealthy way). Just sayin'...It's not right. But, it happens. Jerry Lee Lewis had his career cut short because he married his 13-year-old cuz. Oh, and he was white.
I’m still gonna like "Great Balls of Fire" and “Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On.”

But maybe what Phil is saying (I should really let him do the ‘splainin’ here—I’m just speculating) is that you kind of take a “moral stand.” Like, how could you get into their art if the artist is a major sex offender? Isn’t it just wrong to support someone like that?

I dunno; I don’t buy that, I guess. I still think Phil Spector is the fucking best… Can’t ever change the way Ronnie Spector’s voice and that production technique makes me feel. Or in other words: I can’t get out of what I’m into. Oooooohhh!!


Jessica said...

Does this mean you seperate the offending Vikings players' off-shore activities from their athletic abilities?

Just a thought...

And see also: Roman Polanski.

Phil said...

i don't know...

maybe it is about taking a moral stand. i do that a lot.

against corporations, malls, politicians, foods, drinks, movies, books, tv shows, and yes even music.

i can't support what i see as ethically wrong. and it is impossible to seperate entirely an artist from the art or a manufacturer from their sweat shops. by buying Nike it lends creedence to their actions. it makes it seem more acceptable for future offenders. can the same be said for artists? is the art/movie/music world another case of voting with our dollars?

that being said, i do enjoy woody's movies, and i think most people "our generation" who don't like his older stuff or MJ's older stuff simply haven't been exposed to it. they rip on it because they don't know it and its what society expects them to do. me and springsteen would be an excellent example of dislike fed by ignorance.