Tuesday, April 24, 2007

9/10...."It's the most anticipated album since The Stone Roses' 'Second Coming'. And it's huge."

It's official. The new Arctic Monkeys' album is not a disappointment, contrary to what many had feared. I really didn't see any reason for worry...BUT, I wasn't much of a fan of post-"Whatever..." singles and EPs...I had hoped the band would lose the downy clowny slow sound....and they did!!!

The NME *adores* it. Check it out.

I have already heard the whole thing twice, thanks to the brilliance that MySpace *can* provide...I will be buying the proper album today, as soon as I can get my ass outta my job for 5 minutes.

First thoughts: it fucking rocks. that is to say, it's fast, furious and a lil' *metal*! I think it's cuz Jamie turned Alex on to The Eagles of Death Metal....The lyrics are as striking as ever, but far less literal this time around--and that's OK. It makes for a more intriguing, obscure listen the first few times...So far I've picked up a bit more sexual imagery and oh how I dig that. (my fave line so far, "You used to get it in your fishnets, now you only get it in your nightdress." mmhmm)

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Steve said...

It fucking rocks. 'Nuff said.