Sunday, April 01, 2007

I know I am late on this train

but, Wolfmother totally sound like the spawn of The White Stripes and Spinal Tap.

"Woman" *really* sounds like "Big Bottom"!!! the melody and the lyrics, dude: "she's a woman/ you know what I mean." And afterwards, I just wanna shout out, "talk about bum cakes, my girl's got 'em"!!!

But (of course?) I dig it.

Why I am I so late on this train? I do not pretend to know. I mean, Fitzy and I *saw* these characters at Lolla in August. I wasn't that into it. I think we needed to be closer. I did think that Jack White might have been on stage with them at one point (he wasn't, but he was at Lolla) just because I think that
Andrew Stockdale really evokes White (even more than Plant, yes).

Strangely, I knew I had to revisit the "Woofmother" (as Miss Kate Sullivan would say) from watching Fox! I was veering from my normal tee vee diet, and I found myself totally engaged in "House." I now believe this has to be one of the most awesome, fucked-up shows on network tv! I fucking love it. They used "Dimension" in a horrific, Iraq-war dream that Hugh Laurie's character was having and it rocked so hard, I had to get me some Woof. It makes me laugh (that's the Tap) but it also makes me want to crank it so loud, my neighbors complain (that's the Stripes).


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Anonymous said...

none more black ...

(comment dedicated to your new ipod and Spinal Tap, all at the same time)