Wednesday, April 04, 2007

a perfect example

that first impressions are *NOT* always accurate. (when it comes to music, anyway)

I am being thoroughly blown away by Regina Spektor. Someone I have been reading about for a long, long time. Someone that Mary Lucia has tried to get me to love, when she plays her quite a bit. Months ago, I heard this song, "Fidelity" when I was waking up, on my alarm clock radio and it startled me (it's a really surreal time to hear anything, let alone new music). I heard affectation, a lil' Bjork/Tori Amos imprinting and it turned me off. So, I turned it off.

That was really stupid.

So, yesterday, Mary played her again. And my ears perked up, and I thought, fuckit--I gotta give this Russian another chance. I got her record, "Begin to Hope," and it's eclectic and eccentric and really polished. I had read that she had an amazing voice that sounded like a trumpet...and it's true. Kinda like Ella and Sarah Vaughan had those amazing ranges and horn-mimic things goin' on...

And now, well, I am in love with her. Really in love. It was the song "Fidelity" is what started it. Listening to the words...she managed to write a pretty, simple love song about the resistance to falling in love. And it's amazing. The repeated line, "it breaks my heart," is one of my fave phrases---- that mix of pleasure and pain and awe. And the way she sings about the thoughts/voices/distractions and "all this muuuuu-sik" in her head...just...breaks my fucking heart, it's so true and real and precious.


I also think the video is weird and fun:

She still gives me the Tori vibe, which isn't a bad thing, but it can be a lil' distracting. Don't get me wrong though. She is her very own. Very much so.

Oh, and I think she's garr-jus. And cute.

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