Friday, January 13, 2006

Alito: a Springsteen fan!?

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(btw: I really, really doubt he actually is a fan. Especially after the whole Vote for Change business. Hopefully he's not....)

Also: I saw my first C.S.I this week! It was the one where they featured 9 Bruce Springsteen songs. It was just perfect--really well done, the songs were perfectly integrated and they totally wrote the story based on the songs' stories. The plot was filled with Bruce-isms: Atlantic City, "doing favors for some guy," stealing cars, a failed marriage between high school sweethearts (and yeah, she was preggers), forbidden love, escaping small town to pursue "bigger dreams and a better life," and most cinamatically: driving on the Jersey highways in the dark, dark night


As reported below Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito can be counted as a Springsteen fan. The subject of the Boss actually came up in this week's confirmation hearings, in this exchange with Senator Dick Durbin from Illinois on January 11:
DURBIN: Let me ask you, if I might, to reflect on a couple other things. You're a Bruce Springsteen fan?
ALITO: I am to some degree, yes.
DURBIN: I guess most people in New Jersey would be. They should be.
ALITO: There was a movement some time ago -- we don't have an official state song and there was a movement to make "Born to Run" our official state song. But it didn't quite make it.
DURBIN: We'll stick with Lincoln in Illinois, but I can understand your commitment to Bruce Springsteen. They once asked him: How do you come up with the songs that you write and the characters that are in them? And he said, I have a familiarity with the crushing hand of fate. It's a great line. I want to ask you about the crushing hand of fate in several of your decisions....
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