Thursday, November 16, 2006

making my day

Diablo Cody helped make my day...pinker (better and brighter) with her post from the 14th. Well, that and the crazy short day I had to work (3.5 hours! but, tomorrow I pay for it, cuz I work for 11 I got to spend rare, precious time with Fitzy, too--before and after work. It felt like we were a "normal" couple today! In that way that peeps get to see their lovahs before and after work on a regular basis, whereas our work schedules usually do not permit such luxuries.

I might not get a chance to write for a while, and that bums me out a bit. I am going to be house/doggie-sitting for a co-worker (actually a really fun gig) for the next week and there's no computer access (gasp!) I am hoping this might help me be a better, not waste so much time proving old foggies' theories (even Noel Gallagher's) about the "iPod/MySpace Generation." I guess I have to face the facts and realize that I am one of those computer-eyed and eared zombies of this tech era.


Fuck it. Virtual community is better than no community at all. And what the fuck is wrong with daily altering my mood for the better with music in my ears as I journey to work and home and around my 'hood?

I shall not be ashamed! I shall shake my knees and my ass in public to the sounds of "The Information," by my fair-haired hero, Beck. Indeed, I have. And I will continue to do so. Even if that "cuts me off" from the immediate world around me. Frankly, I don't wanna hear what Mr. Drunk-at-seven-in-the-AM is shouting at me on Nicollet Mall. I'd really rather hear Alex Turner tell me about his weekend. And then mentally prepare for or reminisce about my own two days of freedom I get once every 5 days...

also: the picture above made me smile back at my computer screen, fool-like. (I just love the grin and that tatt peeking out from her shoulder... too hottt.)

I just felt a lil' sheepish at the fact that this is not the first time I put a picture up of Ms. Cody on my blog. Oh well. At least you can't see her tits this time.

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