Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Maureen Dowd gets to interview her heartthrobs

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If you can read one thing outta Rolling Stone magazine these days, please check out the Colbert/Stewart interview, brilliantly put together by Miss Dynamite Dowd. My heroine.

Stewart comes across as kind of a jerk. A lovable jerk, that is. He has a bit about how he thinks Bush is *NOT* dumb...just "fiercely competitive, uncurious about the world and self-absorbed," apparently. It's kind of strange, but you can see what he means.

Colbert is as *real* and complex as you'd hope. (Dude had 11 siblings growing up and lost two of his bros and his father when he was 10.) Reading about his encounter with O'Reilly was a fuckin' *trip.* (Colbert actually admires the guy, in a way...)

My favorite bit, Colbert quotes one of his writers on the subject of the comedian's historic appearance at the White House Correspondent's Dinner : [to Colbert] "You threw a bottle of grape soda that happened to have a lit rag in the neck, and the the room was soaked with gasoline."


And after Dowd wrote how the two set up each other's punchlines, finish each other's sentences and generally seem to share a brain...she asks them, "But wouldn't, say, a President Obama be harder to make fun of than these guys [Cheney, Bush, et. al.]?"

STEWART: Are you kidding?
Colbert and Stewart in unison: "His dad was a goat-herder!"

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Anonymous said...

I had to pause my TiVo from watching Colbert (really!) and read the article immediately when my RS arrived yesterday. Good stuff.

It is consistently the sharpest show on TV which I know is not saying a lot but....

Bill K