Tuesday, November 28, 2006

praise, praise, praise Jeremy and Soul Seek

for it reunited me with the Exploding Hearts once again.

And this time I own the record!

That and several other albums I've waited for years to plunder from J Dog.

The other newly acquireds, from Jeremy, via the Soul machine:

Love~ the debut record and Forever Changes
Kinks~The Village Green Preservation Society (finally!), Kinda Kinks and one other...
TV on The Radio~ Return to Cookie Mountain
My Bloody Valentine~ Loveless

some LIVE Stone Roses, Streets, The Nice Boys and (J's latest fave) Larrikin Love.

and....(inexplicably) the new, yet to be released BLOC PARTY record: A Weekend in the City (NME just had a fantastic write-up about this group of tunes. Apparently they're about sex, anxiety, bombs and war. And, it's not coming out officially till May or some shit. Yes.)


I feel tingles all over. Illegal tingles.

And, people, this is only the beginning (J has copious amounts of amazing, obscure music that I wouldn't be getting anywhere else)! I feel like an adolescent who just discovered Napster...iyiyiyi!


Anonymous said...

Loveless. Where do I even begin?

Most music obsessives have one record that really jump started their love for music, and this is mine.

It is simply incredible and one of kind. I bought it 10 years ago, even though I hadn't even heard it. (I also bought Pixies Surfer Rosa on the same shopping trip. True. Story.)

There's just something about those guitars, man. They're ... weird and sexy and ... I don't.

The production is insane, and the songs are very good.

A couple rumors that I've never looked into verifying or debunking:

1) some of the melodies are played on flute instead of sung. They are then sampled, twisted, reversed, etc.

2) the band faced large intense strobe lights at crowds when they played live, forcing the audience to look away from the stage and just listen to the music, apparently.

Kate said...

The Nice Boys record was one of my favorites this year. I love "Avenue 29."