Tuesday, November 21, 2006

R.I.P., Robert Altman

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NY Times obit, here.

My fave movie of his is Vincent and Theo, but I was always astounded at each of his films I saw...that controlled chaos, dramatic realism...his ballsy way of letting dialogue slip away or be purposefully trampled...

There are *many* films of his I have wanted to see for years. Infamously (in my apartment, anyway), my last film I ever got from Netflix was "Short Cuts." I never watched it (it's dauntingly 187 minutes long). This remained in my apartment, by the DVD player for OVER three months. I finally bit the bullet, sent it back and cancelled my subscription to the Great DVD Rental Arrangement.

The shame, the shame.


Martin said...

you should read, ShortCuts, at least--raymond Carver.

j said...

short cuts is total magic -- I will watch it with you some day!

p.s. I just sent back three movies I haven't watched. I'm not telling you what they were because I'll feel bad. But three more are coming and one of them is Jesus is Magic! Yay!