Tuesday, September 20, 2005

beck is movin' this way; his beat is correct & Green Day for President!

[singing, soulfully] "I like the crotch on you...did R. Kelly really say that? Yes he did."

--Beck last night at Roy Wilkins. Crazy good show. So comforting to know that Beck's still got it going on. I saw him for the first time when I was 14 years old at First Avenue. He's not as balls-out dancing, playing to the crowd as he used to be, but I was so impressed that he didn't change his attitude or capacity for the campy-fun-time-party-booty-action-show-that only Beck can put on after the downer break-up album "Sea Change" (the ONLY Beck album I do not own!)

I will leave you with this for now:

I like the ... with big booties in 'em/ I like the crotch on you/ I want what you've got baby/ Girl I like those daisy dukes on you/ Girl you look so fine, I wanna get with you/ So tell me who's your man, We will have a talk with him

AND *I* will add this:

Green Day was a spectacle, man! This is my annoying, "singular words" review. you love it.

D.I.Y. D.I.Y. D.I.Y. : that was the theme of the night. Every show on this tour, Billie Joe finds three kids/adults in the audience that can play the bass, the drums and the gee-tar.

"RAGE": That's what was written on B.J.'s white arm band. I thought it said "PEACE." I was wrong. "rage, rage against the dying of the light." "rage on."

Pot: how influenced the band still seems to be by the drug--so many songs, oh, and their fucking name!

PyroTown: Countless number of ear-poppings, eye-burning, face-warming sparks, flames and general stage explosions. It kinda got old.

"Pandering": I really don't know how many times B.J. said the words "Minnesota," "St. Paul," and "Minneapolis." But it was over the freaking top.

All Ages: I truly think this was one of the most diverse aged crowds I have ever been in. The ages of people I saw: 8 (the kid who got onstage to play B.J.'s guitar was fucking 8, I swear), teens, twenties (me and several others, at least) thirties (those who were teens when Green Day was first taking off) and my dad's age-- 50s. Very cool. Very inspiring.

Best line of the night: "Stand up for what you *fucking* believe innnnnnnn!!"--Billie Joe. Oh, and coming n second a very Madonna B.J., groping himself slowly, comically and kind of sexily starts moaning--breaks into bigger, more dramatic moans and then: "Somebody FUCK ME!!!!!!" A cry for a real road-fuck? Adrianne would be pissed, dude.

The night was filled with fantastic hooks, 16 years of music to play from, energy and fire from all *six* musicians, eye makeup, tight black vests, political-fueled anger and focus. The song, "American Idiot," never sounded so angry and so precisely about Dubya.

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