Thursday, September 01, 2005


As much fun as it is to "get an email" from "Richard Ashcroft" (see below), it is really not fun to see that he is "supporting" Coldplay. Ick. What universe am I living in where Clodplay (I think that's what I want to call them, now) is one of the biggest bands around-- the first UK band to actually "break" the US in a really long time.

Why couldn't Travis do it? Fran has the cutes (the whole band even has the non-threatening cuddle-able sexuality that the 13-year-olds can dig) they have the melodies, the accessibility--I don't get the Yanks sometimes and I am one. I am an Anglophile, but I still am a full-fledged Tom Petty-ed American girl. (I think I could live in MaDchester right now--or maybe just on December 19th, again, see below).

*I want to write more on this...I have more to say.

*I feel really good, physically-- I had been having terrible, life-altering allergies and now... they're gone! Could be the drugs I got from the
MinuteClinc (uh...yep, prolly) or the awesome "work trip" I went on Tuesday night to Duluth (no, but that sounds better). The air was clean and fresh and our hotel was on The Edge (that's what the hotel is nick-named) of Lake Superior. We went to the this precious, quaint, dirty, hole-in-the-wall place, The Anchor Bar where they have perfect quality hamburgers for $3 and $5 pitchers of Leinie's red. C'mon! It was peaceful and relaxing, and I'm telling you my allergies disappeared. (and yes, Paul, Elizabeth and Cate-- you are all correct.)

*I have a semblance of a vacation sort-of-planned!! Whoot! Going to Chicago with Adrian on September 25th. Then I have to move out of my slummy apartment the day I get back. damn.

*I know I need to (and really, really want to) write up my meeting with Juila, 14-year-old music goddess woman-child. I visited her at the Fair--she's working at this lil' ice cream place. How perfect is that? *sigh* I am so obsessed with the Fair. What a wonderful, wonderful place. I'm going for the second time this Sunday with my pops. I have been to the minnesotastatefair every summer of my life--since I was three weeks old.

* I *really* ReAlLy want to write about seeing the White Stripes (my third time, whoa) and all the feelings and ambitions it stirred up inside of me. Stir it up.

*So, those of you who care: I plan on writing more sooooon.

Richard Ashcroft New Album and Coldplay Support Announced!
Hello everyone,Just a quick note to let you know that Richard Ashcroft is in the final stages of completing his new album for Parlophone Records... details will be coming shortly.He is also confirmed as support for Coldplay in December:DecemberWed 14th Earls Court, LONDONSun 18th Telewest Arena, NEWCASTLE Mon 19th Evening News Arena, MANCHESTERTickets will go on general sale at 9am on Friday 2nd SeptVisit to book your is currently being updated to include up to date info on what Richard is up to, so keep checking the site.To be the first to receive up to the minute news and updates, sign up HEREAll the best, catch you soon

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Phil said...

do you think that the bill for ashcroft and coldplay reads
Dick and Play?

I always thought chris martin would liked Dick...

he does like a-ha, the least rockin' band of all time.

i finally heard x & y the other day. it really wasn't good.