Friday, September 16, 2005

thank god it's them and not cLodplay

Walking from breakfast last Sunday with Elizabeth; we hear loud singing over the sunny-Sunday-silence. Attractive, shirtless, young man is riding his BMX towards us. He's got headphones on and he is singing his heart out on Hennepin Avenue. "And I don't care! woo! woo! And I don't care! woo! woo!" It's that great lil' bratty bit from Green Day's 9-minute epic, "Jesus of Suburbia" from the Townshend-worthy-epic, "American Idiot."

Why it works: it's sprawling, but focused, tight and catchy. And it rocks. They're doing it with heart and not cocky bombast. It feels real, and a lil' desperate--which it should. Desperate times...right? Oh, and um, Billy Joe already had "real" tats, K? (oooooh! snap!) (wait, did I just write "snap!" yep, guess I did. must've been called for. ha. not A-Ha. that one's fer Phil)

Sweeping MTV's VMA's; hugenormous record sales, the chilling, timely "Wake Me When September Ends" video, big ol' arena tours (apparently the only current U.S. act even doing arena tours right now), Green Day actually *is* the biggest band on the planet right now. And that is so fucking rad. They so deserve it. Berkeley street kids-friends of Rancid-EAST BAY FOREVER!!! When the lights go down in the cit-ay, and the sun shines on the ba-ay-ay...


I'm seeing them tonight in fair St. Paul's Xcel Center.

I promise to report.

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