Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bruce on Sunday; Madonna on Wednesday. This is a dream. I will wake up soon.

I am living in a fantasy world.

Oh, and I have a song-obsession. A new one! An unexpected one!

It's Ryan Adams' "To Be Young (Is to Be Sad, Is to Be High)." At first I thought the lyrics were insipid and that the music was a wild rip off of, well, pretty much everything off of "Highway 61 Revisited," but then I got totally fucking addicted. And I embraced both the lyrics and the rollicking (however Dylan it might be) ride. And it's so goddamn catchy. It's sick. The way he shouts, all fuckeduplike, "I got HIGH!" is perfecto and totally reckless and true. Then, outta nowhere comes this sweet, disarming bridge--and then right back into the high recklessness. Brilliant.

I realize how late I am on this train. I was totally resistant to everything Ryan Adams. The Hype machine surrounding "Heartbreaker," his stupid cockiness, the Winona Ryder biznass, the BREAK DOWN(s!) at First Ave. [eye roll gets inserted here]. I dismissed him as a whiny hipster.

But now, I know that this is what I wanna hear to kick off my road trip to Chi with Erica that will begin promptly at 8 am tomorrow morning. Where are you going? *you are probably *not* wondering?* I will answer anyway, for it is consuming my thoughts.


at the United Center. In Chicago. Opening night of a four gig stand.

Holy hell. It's all happening.

When you're young..................................it's all about the Road Trip for the MUSIC, cat.

You dig?

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