Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I wanna turn you inside out

Found out the quick way that "8 Miles High," by the Byrds is about amphetamines [read explanation below**]. (I have been listening to a lot of the Byrds lately–I just got the box set so Jeremy would be proud of me. [snark snark]. And:

Led Zeppelin, everything
IKE, everything
Bob Marley, Babylon By Bus
Madge, Confessions and early, early
Oasis–bootlegs, mostly
and the Byrds made me pick up my ol’ records of Tom Petty, Wildflowers, Full Moon Fever
Love Comes in Spurts–a live Richard Hell version. YOWZA.
Fiona Apple, Extraordinary Machine
Van Morrison, Astral Weeks
Richard Ashcroft, the new one and the Verve
Broken Boy Soldiers

and I am really, really grooving on the the Kasabian record that FLOORED me this past fall. Jessica and were gonna see ‘em and they cancelled a show here, which is both bogus and lame. Looking forward to the new "naughty" one!





Um, Stone Roses [it’s those last two songs. Holy christ are they brilliant.] ...and Arctic Monkeys have still *not* left the building.

Not even close. (sodontyoueventhinkit)

sadly, not much else...I need more new music. When don’t I?

**Oh, OK, so my lil’ Q book ("The Greatest Rock & Pop Miscellany Ever!!") *does* really contain the world’s best quick-pick-up random-mania facts about rock and pop music that you could imagine. [okay, okay, this is clearly yet another: why I am a raging Anglophile. I know it.]
Examples that I feel compelled to share with you. Here there are (yes I’m typing them all out. I like to):

When Elvis died in 1977, there were 14 different drugs in his bloodstream. According to the autopsy performed on The King, he overdosed on significant amounts of codeine, methaqualone, ethinamate and various barbit urates; the coroner also found traces of morphine, valium, demerol, meperdine, placidly and chloropheniramine.

"I still love George Harrison as a songwriter in the Beatles, but as a person I think he’s a fucking nipple. And if I ever meet him I’ll fucking tell him. And if you’re watching, NIPPLE!"
Liam, MTV Europe.

"She looks like some fucking tart from fucking Newcastle."
Noel on Christina Aguilera, Sunday Telegraph

[I have never laughed so hard at the word "nipple" in all my goddamn life.]

AS 50s rocker Eddie Cochran sang, there are three steps to Heaven. As life travels on and things do go wrong, just follow steps one, two and three:
Step 1: You find a girl you love
Step 2: She falls in love with you
Step 3: You kiss and hold her tightly

And if yer hungry fer more! This book also goes to prove that Noel is the single greatest sound-bite/wisdom giver of all rock-history!


rocknrollstar said...

OMG Brianna, this post is excellent... Full of Oasis, Verve, Arctic Monkeys and other great stuff! For a second I thought... did I post this?

Have fun @ Madonna in Chicago. I'm sure you'll love it. Just met a bunch of people in LA who saw her out there last weekend... quite the show from what they told me and the videos/pictures I saw...

- Steve

P.S. I was totally bummed about the Kasabian cancelled gig as well (I still have the fucking ticket, actually). Then I saw them @ ACL last year... they're absolutely amazing live. No wonder they were Liam's favorite band... great quote BTW!

MichaelWho said...

Surely 8 miles high was written about the journey over to England, asClarke mentioned many times as he was pissed off the British Tabloid Press (sic) drunkenly assumed it was about droogs?

"Yer musics shite, it keeps me up all night..." - The Masterplan is THE album. Toodle pip.

jess said...

Oh Brianna. We ALL know that Elvis died from taking too much MEDICINE. Duh.