Friday, March 16, 2007

I (*know* I) love Chris Rock

Hooray! Looks like all that work paid off, Chris Rock! For his latest big-screen offering, "I Think I Love My Wife," Rock got smarter than his usual smart self. We all know his movies are terribly disappointing ventures that never match his brilliant wit they way they ought to. To avoid another "Head of State," Rock not only wrote and directed this puppy, but he actually hired the best acting coaches around to help the cause.

My man, A.O. Scott doesn't think the acting coaches did much good, it seems, but he dug the flick and (as always) wrote a wonderfully written review here. (I certainly did not realize that this was a sorta remake of a New Wave French film! rad.) The yummy Kerry Washington (I loved her in Ray) is in it, as a multi-dimensional femme fatal...rarrr.

I wanna see it!

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j-mo said...

me too!!!