Monday, March 26, 2007

his house still smells like...

None other than Brian Krakow (actor: Devon Gummersall) is now on 24!?!

It was strange enough to see the warden (Bob Gunton) from Shawshank Redemption sitting in the underground bunker with the Prez. I mean, I know *actors* can *do* other *things* and all, but...not when that's all I know 'em from. heh. 24 just teems with (usually great) actors from (usually great) other shows. It's still hard for me to see good ol' foot fetishist/Claire's fucked up boyfriend
Gabriel Dimas (Eric Balfour) from Six Feet Under parading around CTU like he's *not* a crack-smoking L.A. bad boy. It's a little disconcerting.

WTF! I can't take this guy seriously! He's involved with Gradenko...what's this about specs for the nuclear bombs...? (Oh, and his bro is a total RainMan-autistic-one -note-acting case...who....also looks maddeningly familiar, but I can't put my finger on it...
) Getting rid of those cherubic curls won't fool anyone, BRAIN. er--I mean Brian.

Anyhoo---I so dig 24. And American Idol. And...that's it! That's my TV intake these days. Nothing more and nothing less. It's a good diet that treats me right. I haven't even watched an early-evening Seinfeld or Simpsons in an age.

Also, something that treated me very right this afternoon: listening to Mary Lucia's brilliance in song choice as I lounged in sunny Loring Park, reading the Times and EW. It was downright blissful. Best bit: the dudes playing basketball were listening to Grandmaster Flash's "The Message" blasting from a boom box on this 81 degree MPLS day. DAMN. I fucking LOVE that song and after seeing 'em inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of F(l)ame...kicking a as the first hip hop act to get was just killer timing.

"Don't push *me*...cuz I'm close to the *edge*...I'm try-ing not to *lose* my's like a jungle out makes me wonder how I keep from going under..."

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