Thursday, March 08, 2007

I miss Michael Stipe

That is to say I miss the cry and passion in Michael Stipe's voice before R.E.M. got so fucking mediocre. Back when he was weirder, more self-conscious...more like an American Morrissey...back when him and Tori Amos used to prance around and be "kooky" and mildly pretentious... those were the fucking days. Then, it seems like, celebrity got to him in a really obnoxious way...Courtney Love didn't list "befriend Michael Stipe" as a step to climb (on her list of things to do in order to be famous) for nuthin'.

I'm listening to old R.E.M. and missing it.............missing the time it existed in, I guess.

R.E.M. was the first concert ("Monster" tour---late in their career! on the road to mediocrity!) I went to with a friend. Everything before that was with my pops. It kinda blew my mind. I mean, Sonic bloody Youth opened. I couldn't handle it! Wasn't even ready for Sonic Youth, yet. I was 13.

Music was so fresh to me. I was simply on the verge. On the verge of plunging into full-fledged music entrenchment and raging obsession. I was so innocent then...truly. (I mean, I really did think that Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds could *only* be about Julian's drawing.)

PS I think soy milk is addictive. Anyone with me on this?

PPS I am so fucking ready for Spring Fever to hit, it's maddening.


jess said...

I used to listen to "I took Your Name" over and over again. Monster was actually the first REM CD I ever really listened to, which is a shame if you ask me. Wish I would have got in earlier. FYI: on their website, there is an "Al Franken for Senate" ad ...

Brianna said...

J-Mo! awwww. that is righteous!

Alexa said...

My first concert with a friend was Amy Grant. You totally win.

james said...

my first concert was alabama at the state fair, you got me beat as well.

Devaney said...

I've been listening to a lot of early REM lately! It is great. they were my favorite band in the first 3 years of high school...I was into Monster at the time, for sure.
Oh, and nice job on the Prince Metro article!