Thursday, March 15, 2007

yes, she really is a drunk (should she have gone to rehab??)

but, she's also really talented...when she's not trying to sing whist wasted...

this clip made me a bit sad, but it's like a drunken-train wreck...fascinating and alarming...and I just couldn't resist.

Since J Mo and my pops got me into Amy Winehouse, I have been listening to Back to Black frequently and marveling at her voice and use of Spector-like music (sometimes upbeat, sometimes slow and soulful) to create these downright melancholy songs. I've also been kinda surprised at how much press she's getting here. (she was in People magazine, fer chrissakes) The break-up songs and the other downer material on the record takes away from the brilliant *sound* of it, at times...that's kinda the only problem I have with it. Otherwise, her voice is just so magnificently powerful and strange, it's impossible to resist. To me, she can sound like she's evoking Shirley Bassey, Etta James or Lauren Hill (tot, Fitzy.) while *still* maintaining her own identity and sound. Full of pain and weariness, it blows me away that this fucking force of nature is only 23 years old...kind like how J Sparks on Idol is just 17...but, that's different. There's no pain there, just sparkles of beauty and sweetness and talent. *sigh* (she's my pick, btw)

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Kate said...

Winehouse got a shout-out from...Brian Williams. Who has pretty good taste. That made me laugh.

Finally started watching Idol. I like Stephanie -- continually reminded that's she's not Lakisha or Melinda. Whatever.