Tuesday, November 15, 2005

"bless you!!"

Ha! All that hogwash/backlash about the last album (in the NYTimes, specifically)! All the bull shit about how Madge wasn't commercial anymore. I laugh in your face!
a) of all Target downtown was sold out of the Madonna record by 1:30 pm. (WTF?) b) of all I had to buy it at Sam Goody [shudder] *s'OK though: I used to work at SG in high school, and the old dude that took my money in exchange for my Madge literally said "Bless you!!" when I brought it up to the counter. A gay man, he knew what the hell is up! (he went on to tell me that this is her best one "in years!"

Love it.

I have only been able to listen to bits and pieces (yes--it's torture) of it, so far. It's wonderful. She made it "all one song" (as Neil Young would say). Disco, club-style: every song segues into the next with no real pause. It's sweet--a true dance record. No duds. No ballads. Her intent. Brilliant woman that she is...damn.

The song about New York is fantastic. I know that people have already bitched that the lyrics are "lame." Fuck you. I'll never forget talking with a very smart, very sweet young gay man in London (he was Turkish, actually) about our shared love for Madge. We were raving about how amazing "Music" was--it had just come out. He told me his favorite lyric was, "I like to sing-y, sing-y, sing-y/ like a bird on a wing-y, wing-y, wing-y." Yeah. It's funny. It's cute. It's twee, yeah, but it's DANCE MUSIC!!!!!!

So... Shuddap, and start dancing muthafukas! This is it. If you can't shake your rump to "Hung Up," yer offically deeeed.

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