Thursday, November 17, 2005

oh, help me jesus

Things that make me question my atheism:

1. The song, "God Only Knows," by Brian Wilson, the Beach Boys.
2. Sam Cooke
3. Martin Luther King
4. The Dali Lama
5. Madonna
6. Certain people--when they touch you
7. Natural disasters
8. Aretha
9. Ray Charles
10. Bruce (sometimes)
11. The people of Ireland
12. This one priest I met once. He was young and smart and hot.
13. Jim and Ike when they get together, those ol' Irish Catholic Boys
14. Massages
15. The Magdalene Sisters

...and that's really it, folks! So, no worries. Won't be converting anytime soon.


julia said...

LOVE this idea. and miss you mucho. i'm going to nyc on tuesday..hopefully i'll get to check out the music scene. any newly discovered songs/artists/concerts you think i would like? i miss you! xox julia

E Double said...

Things that make me question my atheism:

1) My Girlfriend
2) My atheism