Monday, November 14, 2005

Can I steal you for a sec?

The wonderful, brilliant, original, thought-provoking, filthy, juvenile Sarah Silverman put out this great comedy film, "Jesus is Magic." I saw it on Saturday and I highly recommend it! Liam Lynch directed it--he's worked with Jack Black and Tenacious D, so he knows exactly how to treat comic geniuses such as Black and Silverman. Both use the art of song to do some of their comedy and both have the same ironic, campy, musical theatre spliced with RAWK musical vibes. I thought of Mr. Black quite a bit during "Jesus," in a good way.

She's hotter than I thought she was. Slammin', athletic bod and glowing skin. This "beauty factor" keeps popping up in interviews and reviews and it's getting annoying--like, lay off: she's a woman, she's pretty and that doesn't really have anything to do with how uniquely funny and acerbic her schtick is. BUT, then again, most writers have mentioned this point to make a point about how her humor (profane, filthy, race-centric, sexual) is "so jarring!" coming out of a pretty, young woman's mouth.

Maybe that is why it works so well.

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FreeThinker said...

I saw "Jesus Is Magic" too, and I'm not sure it was OK to laugh!

But I laughed anyway.

Here's my post on the movie.