Wednesday, November 02, 2005

bloody birds

Turns out, Hitchcock has ruined me for life. On the bus today, approaching downtown, there was this eerie swarm of...gulls (? do we even have gulls in MN??! yes. Apparently we do.) As the bus was stopped in front of the stoplight these 4 or 5 gulls were swooping and circling *really* close to the bus windows. Like, I could see their beady, souless eyes, man.

It scared me; freaked me out.

I imagined a "Birds"-like scenario where they started cracking the bus windows open with their beaks. Pecking out eyes, etc.

Pretty f'ed up, eh? I really, really hate birds. Like I said: Hitch did it to me. I love him still.

Then again, maybe it was Twin Peaks that did it to me...

Then, again, friend had a pet bird that got loose and got caught in my hair. I freaked out, the bird was freaking out... Not a good scene. That probably did it.

Um, I didn't really mean for this to correspond with the Bird Flu Panic, or anything. But...yeah, that too.

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Jess said...

You know I have a thing with birds too, right? Dead ones. They freak me out - like it's superstition or something.

heebie jeebies, man.