Monday, November 21, 2005

why I am and will always be a nerd

I can't help myself.

I still read reviews of movies I've just seen. It's a religion with me. A.O. Scott is my Gawd.

I completely get off on reading great arts writing.

E.W. still does it for me too:

"With nothing to lose, Cash launches into "Folsom Prison Blues," and suddenly we hear the famous gravity--the ominous lyrics and weirdly overdeliberate bass voice that sounds like it's trying to negotiate its way out of hell. As the band trickles in, Cash's thrilling rockabilly freight train leaves the station."

*chills courtesy of Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly*

Wotta way to paint the picture. Joaquin Phoenix busting his way into Sun Records and trying to impress an unimpressable Sam Phillips.

Wonderful flick, Phoenix and Witherspoon are incredible. Their onstage chemistry is sizzling. And director James Mangold captures their live singing and playing and repartee like nothing else I have ever seen in a "regular Hollywood movie." At times it feels like you're watching live concert footage--not of the real Johnny and June, but the excitement, nervousness, drug-fueled anxiety and sexuality is there, crackling (like crossed wire, even).

It's no Ray--but it's DAMN close.

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Jessique said...

when oh when will you write again?