Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Academy would like to NOT thank gay people...?

Biggest shocker, for me--in my lifetime of watching the Oscars.

How the fuck did "Brokeback Mountain," perhaps the best told, directed and acted love story (of ANY kind) I have ever seen not win best picture, when it was "in the bag"?

Was the Academy actually scared? I think you *have* to ask this question... WHY wouldn't it win? You give Ang Lee best director and...?

OK. Wow. I just totally bloggedaboutsomething that *just* happened. Feverishly.

I will write more tomorrow.... I'm just sorely disappointed.

Thinking about Jack and Ennis....

(and no, I hadn't seen "Crash." Erica and I were gonna see it this week. Humph.)

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Jules said...

agreed. agreed. agreed. would have cried myself to sleep if i wasn't already asleep.