Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mr. Nelson...he's still got it.

Prince made number one on the Billboard charts, baby.

It's a good day.

**Yeah, he *does* still look amazing. I was lucky enough to see his SNL performance and it was fucking sexy and rocking. His smoldering guitar solos?! Um, and Does he suck on the jugulars of young, beautiful virgins to maintain such a timeless, glorious glow, or what? For real.

Maybe he and Madge (when they *briefly* "dated") went to the crossroads, somewhere and made some pact with (not the devil, they are both far too religious) the rock gawds in 1984...and they will maintain maximum sexiness and full-talent for ...all of eternity!

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Pynchon said...

He played the Brit awards a couple of weeks ago and looked and sounded fantastic.

I thought he had retired, or something.