Friday, March 24, 2006

It's hard to believe

Mr. Paul from Sheffield, Nottingham, South Yorkshire...

I can't believe you are from there. It is blowing my mind.

So, know the Lads from the band called the Arctic Monkeys, then? (Sorry, I *had* to)

PS Walsh strikes again!

PPS I had *never* heard or read of the band Art Brut until last night. I heard some clips. I have a really bad feeling about them already. I hate the dude's voice.


rocknrollstar said...


Cool site! Found you through Jim Walsh...

Love your Arctic Monkeys Chicago recap. I attended as well... great gig!

I posted this on JW site as well... but, have you seen this?

You're choice for a Liam Gallagher quote on top is NICE!

Paul said...

Haha, I am from Sheff.
I was born near Hunter's Bar (F****g miles from san fran-bloody-cisco, apparently), we used to go past it to my Nan's house at Crookes. It's named after a 5-bar gate on a traffic island, you know. Isn't that interesting??? No? Oh, ok then..

Nah, i don't know the AMs i'm afraid - it's a big old town.

I'm off to see them at Rock City on the 13th April though..

Should be a good un.
It's my 40th birthday pressie to myself. I'm going to get lashed, go down the front, get all sweaty, and kiss goodbye to my youth...
Ah, Sad intit?

What about you? As a resident of Minnesota, do you talk like Frances McDormand in that film, Fargo? Yah? ;}