Thursday, May 18, 2006


are *cardinals* man!? not the Catholic ones....the birds, dude!

I have officially decided that they are the only birds I dig. I saw this one this morning, and then I saw it (sure, mebee it was his friend or bro or something...) again on my way home.

They are so righteous looking, with that mohawk...

And you *know* how I fucking hate birds, usually....(see post from months ago where I was all Hitchcocked up about 'em).

I think it's the Flaming Red that just floors me......*plus* they look they're wearing heavy eye make-up: Dusty Springfield/Chrissie Hynde style. Rock'n'roll animal..........Is this what you meant, Lou Reed?

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Cash said...

Man, I hate birds, too. That's why I'm always chasing after 'em.