Thursday, May 11, 2006

Neil is my hero

Check it out: Bush, GOP Congress Losing Core Supporters

(bonus points for anyone who knows what was up in 1951 with Truman...?)

and on that same note...
NEIL YOUNG - Living With War
I wanted to post the lyrics to "Let's Impeach the President," but I can't do the cut and paste thing--and that's cool. It's cool that Neil wants you to *hear* the songs and watch the lyric scroll...oh, Neil. *sigh*

Had some tears well up this morning, listening to it. At 6:45 in the AM.

On the bus.

So, I had to ditch it and put on Arctic Monkeys' "Love Machine" to buck up my spirits...and laugh...and get turned on by that precocious innocent sexuality of theirs...


Phil said...

Let this be a lesson to all of us:
Korea: The Forgotten War

Their was a stretch there where the Korean War wasn't exactly going well. This poll number probably occured around the time our troops got pushed to the lowest edge of the Korean Penninsula, before MacArthur (sp?) made his grand move and pushed north. Then we got pushed south again. And then no one won but everyone lost soldiers and money. Then again, the poll could be at the end point of the war, when it became clear how bloody pointless the whole damn thing was.

Nixon is clear: watergate
Carter was Iran hostage situation.
Bush Sr. was the economy stupid. And right before the election too, ouch.
Johnson: isn't that around the time of the democratic convention in 68, when Chicago went up in flames?
Ford: gas prices and inflation
I have no idea about Reagon.
Clinton was failure of health care initiative.
Eisenhower: lame duck syndrome? its still 48%
Kennedy: cuban missile crisis? wasn't this around when he got shot?

sorry, I know you only asked for Truman, but you know, it's me...

Cash said...

Willie Nelson's anti-war song is way better.