Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Happy Sid Day!! Thanks James, you made it a "day."

(oh, and Bono and Dave Mason and Donovan!)

It was Elizabeth's last night to hang out in MPLS and we made it all about Sid, not even trying...really... and we kept saying "Happy Sid Day!!!" that helped...

Oh, yeah--astrology. Check this fun shit. For some reason it's fun and intriguing to see when these people were born...even though it means nuuuthing.......

Wanna write about this night I had with Erica at First Ave. last Friday. We saw one of her favorite local bands, Gingerjake, the metal-ish four piece with the slammin' hot chick lead singer that stalks the stage like a cougar. Iyyi. (the title will revolve around seeing the t-shirt that read, "You'd Be A Lot Cooler If You Did.") I have been's no excuse. I know. I have been delinquent. And the only one I'm hurting is myself. Aww.

Then there's the Stone fucking Roses............that's just NOT going away. I can't shake this fever. So, that story is still on it's way... it grows richer by the day.

Also on rotation: The wonderfully earnest, passionate (and political!) Richard Ashcroft; wotta heartthrob; wotta voice and presence. The new Neil is pretty WONDERFUL: smart, angry, touching, melodic, rockin'...just as you'd expect and hope. It's chilling and disheartening...but it is so goddamn necessary. It feels cathartic.

And then there's breaking on through to the dark side...with Black Sabbath. Finally bought "Paranoid" and I feel like I am filling a huge music-hole that was void for years. Much like the Stone Roses void I have been filling lately...I mean everyday....whew.

Jeremy, that fucker, tried to get me into these two bands in particular for so many years now (and quite a few others...I still need to investigate the Exploding Hearts....) The sad thought I had the other day: the Stone Roses debut CD very may well be buried in my pages of burned records that I have neglected since the day he gave them to me. I should re-visit those pages.

I just don't think I can ever dig The Fall, man. As much as J is into them, I can't hear it... Mark E Smith scares the shit outta me; even if Mary Lucia and Mark Wheat are ga-ga over him...

sorry for all the.......... and the............

it's been Sid Day, man.

And I'm gonna miss Elizabeth, like mad. It hurts. There goes my 14-year-old partner in crime. One of the gang members.

Take care of her, Chi-town.

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